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Sometimes all you have to do is take a break from your problems, take a deep breath and smile. What could be better than watching adorable baby animals? We have collected some of the cutest baby animal pictures, because looking at these cute and innocent little guys is sometimes the best way to spend a hard day!

1. you will melt with this cute baby elephant

Looks like this little gentleman here is excited about something! Elephants are among the most social creatures in the world and usually spend the rest of their lives in a single herd. This makes sense in the context of powers with numbers.

Calves in particular, like the one in this image, are particularly dependent on their mother as well as the protection of their herd. However, this does not mean that you are completely powerless at birth. In fact, you can stand and start running a few moments after giving birth.

Unfortunately, the reports of the large number of elephants show the decrease in the number of these awesome creatures. Show your support for the preservation of your population today!

2. the most adorable baby owl ever seen

Even all the feathery fluff cannot hide this adorable bird from our eyes, and how happy we are! Owls are born with their eyes closed, which means that this particular bird must be more than a week old.

While owls are born who need care and protection from their parents, they only need a few weeks to learn to fly and take care of themselves. Born to be wild, indeed!

3. you can’t deny this baby hippo

This cute little hippo is with his mom, probably looking for something to eat. In addition to what their large teeth and enormous weight suggest, these animals are mainly herbivores, although they have also sometimes been observed to practice omnivore.

Also, did you know that many hippo mothers actually give birth underwater? That’s right, even if you have to push your baby up to breathe properly, because baby hippos can survive for at most 40 seconds.

4. the little giraffe will make you want to make you Awww

Nothing is as fascinating as a close-up of a little giraffe Chewing grass for lunch. Just look at those soulful eyes, don’t they want to make you say awww reflexively?

These little darlings, also called calves, are born tall, about six feet tall. Although they are lucky to have this size at birth, this does not make them any less safe from their natural enemies. You need to run fast and learn to run so as not to be left by the herd.

5. Baby kitten wants company

Hearing a kitten cry is one of the most heartbreaking sounds ever. It just makes you want to hug them and keep them close to you forever.

But why exactly do kittens cry? This can be due to various reasons, and it is important that you, as the owner, understand what this means, among other body language methods used by our adorable little cats.

6. the cutest hedgehog ever

Can you see how irresistible the Charm of a little baby hedgehog is? Just seeing how small they are is enough to trigger very protective instincts in some of us.

These darlings, also called Hoglets, are actually born with their prominent spines under the skin. It begins to appear only about a few hours after birth. They are also born blind and deaf, which is why their mothers must be very careful not to get lost out of their nests,

7. cute little ducklings

Seeing a flock of cute little ducklings in your local lake or pond is always a welcome sight, not to mention a healthy one! The sounds of their quacks permeating the morning air are like a balm for the soul (although some people may argue about this).

Ducklings are also famous for their footprint, a survival instinct in which they follow the first moving object they see at birth. It is usually their mother, although in some matters it may be other ducks.

8. The Cutest Baby Piglets

Seeing these two baby piglets playing on the field under the sun, everyone can feel a desire for the simple things in life.

9. Adorable Baby Turtle

This little one is determined to cross the beach and survive on his way to naturehood. They usually prefer to move in groups to increase their chances of survival. Let’s cheer on all the little turtles out there!

10. Curious Penguins

Finally, this curious gang of penguins will melt your heart with their sweet antics. Unfortunately, this awesome species is currently threatened by environmental changes due to climate change.

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