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Are you looking for a better rest? Next, check out these gadgets with sleep tracking features. From smart mattresses to fitness watches, they give you detailed sleep information.
You know that you need 7 or more hours of good sleep every night. So if you turn around before drifting or you still feel tired after a good night’s sleep, these health and fitness devices with sleep tracking functions are worth a look.

Detailed information about your sleep can help you identify and fix problems that may be keeping you awake—for example, the Garmin Venue sq. 2 breaks down your sleep phases, breathing and more.

However, if you don’t want to go the smartwatch way, there are many other convenient, non-wearable sleep trackers. We love the Amazon Halo, a smart lamp that monitors your sleep from your bedside table.

Sleep better and live healthier with these sleep tracking devices.

1. The Garmin Venus SQ 2 series of GPS smartwatches evaluates your sleep quality, while the body’s battery meter shows how much energy you have.
Like other Garmin smartwatches, the Garmin Venus SQ 2 series of GPS smartwatches monitors your sleep and provides a sleep score. What makes it unique is the monitoring of the energy of the body battery. It takes into account your sleep quality, activity and heart rate variability and calculates your energy level.

2. With the Fitbit Sense 2 health and fitness Smartwatch, you can better understand your sleep with monthly sleep data and a sleep score.
With the Fitbit Sense 2 health and fitness Smartwatch, you get a breakdown of your sleep and its effects. Your sleep score shows you the sleep quality of the previous night as well as your light, rem and deep sleep time. Then the sleep profile tracks your sleep by month and offers tips for improvement.

3. With the Apple Watch Series 8 Smartwatch, you can get more information about sleeping than ever before. See how much time you spend at each stage of sleep.
With the Apple Watch Series 8 Smartwatch, you can not only track your sleep. This new Apple Smartwatch shows you how long you stay in the different sleep phases: REM, core and deep. It also shows you matter where you may have woken up, which makes it one of the best devices with sleep tracking capabilities.

4. The smart lamp and alarm clock from Amazon Halo Rise keep track of your sleep. Better yet, you don’t have to wear it and it works with Alexa.
Don’t want to wear a bulky Smartwatch in bed? Track your sleep from your nightstand with the Amazon Halo Rise Smart lamp and alarm clock. It uses sensors and machine learning to collect your sleep data and sends the report to your Echo Show device.

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