Need to Have Tiny, Adorable Desk Weasel


Work becomes boring when you sit at your desk all day looking at your computer. Fortunately, YouTube user Frisco68 has his little office weasel like Ozzy to keep him company. This adorable little rescue weasel may be small, but her energy level is gigantic. Imagine that you are trying to do some work with this guy who is squirming!

More From Ozzy, the adorable office weasel

Smart, slim, and fast actioners

Weasels like Ozzy are quite remarkable creatures. To begin with, they are alarmingly gentle. There’s something about her big eyes and her fluffy fur that makes him want to hug her. Oh, Man!

On the surface, they may seem like mild-mannered creatures, but intelligent hunter hides behind their adorable exterior. Weasels are very adaptable and incredibly stealthy; they can sneak into tight spaces (think the nooks and crannies of a wall or the spaces between rocks) to surprise unsuspecting prey. In addition, their light body and small feet allow them to move quickly – sneaking in and out of hiding places in search of food.

Of course, as if it were not enough to be smart and fast, weasels have another important characteristic: an extra-smooth coat that keeps them warm in cold climates. Talk about having it all! All in all, these furry creatures may be small-but boys, can you take a punch if you take out unsuspecting prey?

Is it lawful to keep weasels as pets?

You may be wondering: “Is it lawful to keep a weasel as a pet?”Well, the answer largely depends on your location. In some states, the possession of wild animals without a license is unlawful. Others allow native species to be kept as pets with a permit, while others still have complete prohibitions against the possession of wild animals — even those native to the state.

So if you are considering adopting a weasel, make sure you have done your homework first. This means checking the laws in your area and obtaining all the necessary permits before taking your four-legged friend home.

Of course, it is important to note that wild animals are not like cats and dogs; they require special care and attention from experienced owners who understand their needs. So, before embarking on a life with a pet weasel, you must first research how to take care of it!

Is Ozzy still alive?

Unfortunately, Ozzy has long since passed away. Weasels usually only live for two years, but rest assured that Ozzy has lived a full and happy life!

What is the difference between a weasel and a ferret?

bodily, ferrets are usually larger than weasels and have shorter tail. Weasels are usually brownish-red in color, while ferrets are of different colors. Behaviorally, weasels tend to be more aggressive and biting, while ferrets are more gentle and domesticated.

Where can I buy a pet weasel?

We do not recommend buying or keeping a pet weasel because it is unpredictable and can bite. Weasels are also wild animals that would thrive better in the wild. Ozzy was just a special matter because he was a rescue animal. If you want to keep a small pet, we can suggest that you adopt a rat or a mouse!

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