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Are You Planning Your Christmas Shopping List? Give your friends and family a gift they will cherish with the Banguirangui Christmas Tree. Check it out on the Blog.
Surprise your colleagues, family and friends with an elegant Christmas decoration as a gift: the Banguirangui Christmas tree. With handmade cold porcelain ornaments, this desktop Christmas tree fills any room with Christmas spirit.

Christmas shopping can be difficult. What exactly should you buy for your imp in the office, a person you don’t know well? And how about a Hostess gift for your Aunt’s annual Christmas party?

Christmas decorations are always a safe bet in these situations. So if you are looking for an elegant gift full of Christmas joy, take a look at the Banguirangi Christmas Tree.

Give handmade cold porcelain ornaments

Everyone wants their Christmas decoration to be charming and, above all, unique. This desktop Christmas tree offers both with its original handcrafted cold porcelain ornaments.

Composed of a snowman, a wrapped gift, a Santa Claus, a star, a candy cane and more, these colorful Accessories symbolize this special time of the year and add character to interior decorations.

In addition, since these ornaments are handmade, you get a unique style that simply cannot be obtained with factory-made and mass-produced Christmas decorations.

The Banguirangui Christmas tree is really special and difficult to find, which is why it represents such a unique piece.

Bring bright and brilliant colors to indoor screens

During the holiday season, it’s nice to add a festive touch to every corner of your home and office. Yes, your desk, sideboard, coffee table and countertop are excellent horizontal surfaces for a collection of miniature snowmen and Santas.

So, this desktop Christmas tree corresponds exactly to this type of decor. Although we call it a desktop tree, its use does not stop at your workspace. It is also ideal as a centerpiece or buffet decoration.

And why does this home accessory enrich your interior Christmas style? Of course, because of its bright and vivid colors.

The light green shade of the tree adds eye-catching colors and shine to your screen. Then the red fire truck on ornaments like the snowman, the wrapped gift and Santa Claus evokes the excitement of the most beautiful time of the year.

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