You Should You Workout Everyday


Classes and clients constantly ask me – Can I train every day? And the answer is that recovery is very important and often the forgotten variable of your fitness routine. Overtraining affects our body in many ways.

If you are someone who finds it difficult to take a day off, you might think differently after reading this. While I respect your Commitment, skipping is hurting your recovery more than you think.

Things that happen when you don’t take a rest day

1. they become irritable, grumpy and grumpy

Overtraining leads to a self-critical thought: do you ever tell yourself: “I’m training, but it’s getting worse, not better!”

Your energy decreases, your body suffers and you enter an emotional and psychological downward spiral.


Let’s face it, if you are in a constant state of pain and pain, you are irritable and your psychological stress threshold has dropped.

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2. You are issue

This is a child’s play problem of overtraining. Overuse of muscles, tendons and ligaments leads to a constant state of inflammation in the body and joints.

The probability of issue is increased. And if you don’t refuel properly after a workout, you risk losing muscle mass without gaining weight.

3. your endocrine system is getting tired

If you constantly do high-intensity exercise, you will fall into adrenal fatigue and your body will begin to overproduce Cortisol, exactly the opposite of what you want.

Exercise reduces Cortisol until you overdo it. Too much high-intensity exercise without rest produces too much of that damn Cortisol, that is, The fat storage hormone.

4. your sleep is suffering

You may be bodily tired, but you can’t fall asleep because your body is overloaded.

Growth hormone is responsible for repairing our muscle tissues and is produced in the deep cycle of REM sleep; if you don’t sleep well, your muscles will have no chance to completely repair themselves.

5. your immune system is compromised

Can’t you shake off the cold? Maybe it’s because you’re working too hard and it can take your immune system several days to recover, as can your muscles.

The increase in Cortisol, as mentioned above, as well as adrenaline suppress the immune system and research shows that 90 minutes of intense exercise can make you more vulnerable to the issue for up to 72 hours afterwards.

6. Your performance suffers

Doing an intense workout every day is difficult for everyone.

Not only can you get bored with your Routine, but your body can also lose its ability to function optimally.

This means that instead of taking a day off and coming back strong the next day, your performance will suffer every workout until you give yourself a break.

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